Invest in Yourself

This will be a test in itself just too even imagine creating a publication to as great of audience as this may have. Just by writing it down has done so much for me in the past showing that we must continue to search out for our dreams. Enjoy a day away from it all and dream. Have faith for those who invest in themselves is always recognizable.

More hands make the load easier to carry is certain in accomplishing our greatest goals. After all, the task is that big. Our surroundings will have an effect on all results Think about all the choices available and know; take what you have to get what you need to get what you want. Many things have been discussed in the previous chapters that you can review over and over. Thanks and Good luck to us all.


  1. When you scynidate cotnent, should you be using a new article with a related theme? Or syndicating the article which you have posted on your site and want incoming links to? What should you use for syndication?Thanks

  2. Thanks for your comment Kon, and good luck with your seyidcatnd IBM content.In addition to the enhancements to content that Al Ramirez mentions in his comment .these are some other enhancements we are considering 1. greater flexibility in the types of content you can syndicate and how you present it on your pages.2. a capability to syndicate campaign content (for example email templates) you can customize and use in tour marketing activity3. a capability to syndicate social content. (think tweets and blog posts) that you could tailor and use in your social media marketing.We would welcome further comments from you and other Business Partners on which of these you would find of most value or any other suggestions.