A Decision to Make a Decision

Write down a date and decision you have to make and don’t be surprised with the out come! Big ticket issues have to be addressed to insure positive results; at first it’s easy. Ever try resolving the same problem with 10 different solutions? It seems similar in a lot of ways.


  1. Self esteem is a craiucl component of recovery. Many addicts began using substances because they believed that they could never fit in with their peers, or felt unloved or rejected by family members. The 12 Steps of AA offer a blueprint for improved self-esteem; helping us identify and acknowledge our character defects and trust in a higher power to empower us to become the people that we want to be. Therapy is also helpful as we explore how these character defects have functioned as defense mechanisms against pain that we don’t know how to handle. Northbound Academy is a unique long term program which offers a year to live the 12 Steps with therapeutic support. This coupled with daily opportunities to succeed at life can form the basis of a healthy and sober self-esteem.