Invest in Yourself

This will be a test in itself just too even imagine creating a publication to as great of audience as this may have. Just by writing it down has done so much for me in the past showing that we must continue to search out for our dreams. Enjoy a day away from it all … [Read more…]

All or Nothing

Did we drink for it all? For those who may of or may not did somehow you always accomplish your goal of getting there?  You can rebound in that same manner and more. New found time and energy must be considered. Find some old good habits and start where you left off. The rebound results … [Read more…]

A Decision to Make a Decision

Write down a date and decision you have to make and don’t be surprised with the out come! Big ticket issues have to be addressed to insure positive results; at first it’s easy. Ever try resolving the same problem with 10 different solutions? It seems similar in a lot of ways.

Better Days are Comin’

Ever have a foggy, maybe mist at something you say to yourself from time to time? Almost another voice per say. Mine was and still is better day’s are coming. I guess I usually thought oh hey but it would always return. Maybe like now. Take a minute sometime and think about it. Find the … [Read more…]